Thursday, June 1, 2017

A decade of leadership: Student Ambassadors celebrate 10-year milestone

This year, the Douglas College Student Ambassadors mark a milestone with their 10-year anniversary.
Though it may be the largest and longest-running student-leadership program at Douglas, the program had humble beginnings. What started with 12 students who volunteered to assist with graduation in 2007 turned into a thriving group that now boasts 500 alumni. To mark the anniversary, Douglas College is highlighting five notable alums, including Associate of Science Degree grad Divya Krishnan, who is currently studying to become a medical doctor.

1. What drew you to join the Student Ambassadors program?
I was first introduced to the Ambassadors Program by the Office for New Students (ONS) staff and the Student Ambassadors (SAs) themselves because I interviewed and was accepted for a position as Orientation Leader. During Orientation Week, I met volunteers who were Student Ambassadors and many of them mentioned that I should join. I haven't looked back since. I became very active, not only because I wanted to get volunteer hours, but more so because I wanted to have fun and learn lots from a diverse group of people from many different disciplines on campus.

2. What was your first experience with the ambassadors like? Do you have a story about your first experience with them?
To be completely honest, I cannot pinpoint my first experience. All I can recall is that everyone was so willing to introduce themselves and get to know me. When I wasn’t visiting the office on breaks, I would be running errands or making preparations for our upcoming events to ensure good turnout and good organization. I was very passionate about the program and dedicated every bit of my extra time towards it by attending every single event that did not clash with my classes.

3. What did you gain from being a Student Ambassador?
The Student Ambassadors Program allowed me explore and understand my own personality, including my strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of the people around me in order to best accommodate everyone. This is something that I believe should be a part of every workplace as it ensures the harmony of the team as they are all willing to adapt to the needs of their colleagues. Furthermore, the SA program helped me cultivate my communication, interpersonal, leadership and public speaking skills. These are skills that have helped me throughout my time after Douglas College, from transferring to the University of British Columbia (UBC) to moving to St. Kitts for my medical education.