Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Get ready and get hired: tips and tricks for the Douglas College Career Fair

The upcoming Career Fair - running Feb. 28, March 2 and March 7 - is an incredible opportunity to meet and network with more than 30 regional and national employers - employers who specifically want to hire Douglas students and alumni.

The question is... Are you ready?

Put your best foot forward with tips and pointers from some of the employers attending the fair.

1. Have a great cover letter and resumé on hand. And follow up!

"Use a template for your cover letter that can be adapted depending on the requirements of the position. Take the chance to prove that you meet the requirements listed in the job posting. If the job requires a driver's license, mention in your cover letter that you have one. Also, follow up after sending in your resumé, but not to the point where you're annoying the hiring manager."

-Katelin Dueck, Employment Coordinator, Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work

2. Do your research and be open minded.

"Consider job searching in other sectors and industries. Most people assume that school districts only need teachers. School districts hire a wide variety of staff, such as education assistants, information technologists, engineers, administrative clerks, accountants, payroll officers, human resources staff and occupational therapists."

-Andrew Jang, Business Development and Marketing Consultant with Make a Future

"From our experience, the people who stand out at career fairs are the ones who dress professionally and ones who researched the companies ahead of time and ask meaningful questions."

-Jessica Brandreth, Talent Acquisition Advisor, Western Region with Yellow Pages.

3. Put your best foot forward.

"We love to meet individuals with a great attitude who enjoy speaking to new people. We're also looking for students who are competitive and goal oriented for our positions."

-Victoria Ross, Administration and Human Resources Manager with Canadian Property Stars  

"One big thing we look for from applicants is punctual and accurate information when we need it. The application process takes a longer amount of time than we would prefer as it is, but if we require addition references or clarified address history in order to process a security clearance, the entire process is put on hold waiting for this info to get to us.

-Sgt. Pat Madderom, Recruiter, 39 Canadian Brigade Group Headquarters

Need some help getting ready? Contact the Student Employment Centre at 604 527 5889 or email sec@douglascollege.ca.

The three-day Career Fair kicks off Feb. 28, 10am-3pm at the Coquitlam Campus and will run March 2 and March 7, 10am-3pm at the New Westminster Campus.