Friday, January 6, 2017

Get involved and have fun outside of class

Discover the other half of the college experience.

Visit Student Life to learn more about how you can get oriented, healthy, involved and gain experience. You’ll find information about new student programs, academic success, wellness, student leadership programs, employment opportunities and campus events.

Your tuition fees include a membership to the College’s fitness centres at both the New Westminster and Coquitlam campuses. Fitness classes such as yoga and pilates, zumba, core strength and boot camp are offered at both campuses.

Some of the Douglas College Student Union clubs on campus are the Business Association, the Photography Club, the International Association, several dance clubs and many more. Get the complete list on the DSU website.

Why get involved? Believe it or not, students who invest free time in getting involved on campus are more likely to do well academically.

Get oriented: There are a few key steps that all successful students take to get settled at the College. Visit the Student Life blog, Life at DC, to learn about these steps from fellow students who’ve been there, done that. 

Get involved: There are lots of College events and programs you can join, and if you do, you’ll meet new people. While you’re at Douglas College, we want you to make new friends and have fun doing it. 
Get healthy: You need to be well to do well. Getting exercise, maintaining a healthy diet and taking good care of your mental health will set you up for academic success. 

Get experience: You want to graduate with a resume that grabs attention and gets you hired. We want to help you! Getting involved on campus, being a student leader and working in Student Life are great ways to get experience that show employers what you can do.

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