Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Microsoft email issues result of phishing attempt at Douglas College (Updated)

Update: Douglas College has resolved email issues affecting those using Microsoft domains.

The Centre for Education and Information Technology (CEIT) fixed the error Tuesday evening. Any emails that bounced back as "undeliverable" will need to be resent. Recipients are also being advised to monitor their junk mail folders for @douglascollege.ca emails. 


The Centre for Education and Information Technology (CEIT) is alerting students about issues with sending emails to Microsoft email domains.

All mail sent from @douglascollege.ca email addresses are currently being rejected by Microsoft as a result of a Douglas College user responding to a phishing attempt and entering their username and password. The compromised Douglas College account was used to send phishing emails, resulting in Microsoft blacklisting emails from the Douglas domain.

The affected email domains include hotmail.com, live.com and outlook.com and affects those who use a Microsoft account to receive email from the College until the issue is resolved.