Friday, October 24, 2014

Douglas College welcomes young entrepreneurs from Zambia

Douglas College is hosting some special guests over the coming weeks.

A group of young entrepreneurs from Zambia is visting as part of the new Zambia Youth Exchange Program. From October 20 to November 14, the group will take part in business-focused workshops and visits to local companies.

It's all part of the focus on giving them an opportunity to increase their knowledge and experience in business so they can better contribute to their country's prosperity.

“Douglas College is honoured to have these young Zambian entrepreneurs come to our college and for us to assist them in building their dreams and living their passions,” says Blaine Jensen, Vice President, Educational Services at Douglas College.

The exchange program was created through a partnership between Douglas College and the Zambian Ministry of Youth and Sport and the National Youth Development Council of Zambia.

It is a new component of Douglas College’s existing Zambia Global Leadership Program, which gives Douglas students the opportunity to travel to the country, in Southern Africa, to complete three-month practicums that support community development.