Friday, August 8, 2014

Looking for upper-level courses that don't have prerequisites? Begin here

Are you completing a degree and need upper-level electives to round it out?

Douglas offers a number of third- and fourth-year courses that don't have prerequisites, and other upper-level courses you may be able to take with the permission of the instructor.

We aren’t able to list them all here as they change semester to semester, but we can narrow it down for you.

To find upper-level courses that do not have prerequisites, visit the Program and Course Catalogue, search the courses you are interested in and click on the "Prerequisites" tab. If there are no prerequisites, you may try and register for the course.

Some courses without prerequisites may have program or other restrictions, so you'll need to review any section notes for the course and/or email the instructor to see if they will give you permission to register. You can find section notes and instructor information by clicking the "Schedule" tab.

Here are a few examples of upper-level courses that do not have prerequisites or may allow you to register with instructor permission:

BUSN 3401 Principles of International Business

Disability and Community Studies
DACS 5111 Disability in Context

HIST 3305 Europe Since 1945

PHIL 3310 Ancient Philosophy

MUSC 3180 Audio Recording Techniques

Sport Science
SPSC 3240 Leadership in Sport, Physical Education and Coaching