Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lockdown drills at both Douglas College campuses in mid-September

In mid-September, Douglas College will hold lockdown drills at the New Westminster and Coquitlam campuses to show you how to stay safe in the event of a violent intruder on campus.

What will the drills be like?

An announcement will come over the PA system letting you know the drill is about to begin.

About one minute later, a lockdown alert will be issued over the PA. Follow the instructions and immediately go to the nearest room and lock and barricade the door. Close and cover windows. Turn out all lights and audio equipment. Stay low and stay quiet. Turn cellphones to silent.

If you are in an open space, such as the cafeteria or concourse, follow the directions of College personnel. If you are outside when the drill starts, or is in progress, remain outside and move away from the building.

When the drill is over, you will receive an all-clear message. Once you receive the all-clear message, it is OK to return to your regular campus activities.

Why are we doing this?

At Douglas College we take your personal safety on our campuses seriously. Although an incident of serious violence on campus is unlikely, we must take steps to plan, practise and prepare.

When will the drills happen?

We’ll advise you of the specific date of the drills closer to the event.

How should I prepare?

Visit douglascollege.ca/lockdown for details about the College's Lockdown Procedures.

Check out the Lockdown Procedures posted in all classrooms and meeting rooms.

Sign up for DC Alerts, an emergency communication system which sends alerts to your email and mobile phone in case of an emergency situation on campus.

Still have questions?

Contact Nancy Constable, Director, Safety, Security and Risk Management, at 604 527 5828.

You can also watch our lockdown preparation video here: