Friday, August 22, 2014

Learn the basics of science at Douglas College this Fall

By Jennifer Kirkey
Physics and Astronomy Instructor

Looking for a lab-science course aimed at liberal arts students that also transfers to Simon Fraser University? Well, here it is!

Co-taught by Brenda Addison-Jones from the Chemistry Department and Jennifer Kirkey from Physics, the Science 1106 course is a basic introduction to physical science, and is intended for students with little or no science background.

The emphasis will be on the environment and on the scientific knowledge that you need to become an informed citizen.

Want to understand the chemistry behind oil pipelines? Need more information to help choose between the many alternative energies being proposed? This course can help.

Specifically, it will present an integrated approach to topics in physics and chemistry, which will include the scientific method, laws of motion, energy, heat and temperature, electricity and magnetism, light, atoms, molecules, chemical reactions, and the atomic nucleus. Laboratory exercises will illustrate the practical applications of the course content.

Learn more about Science 1106 by visiting the Douglas College Program and Course Catalogue.