Thursday, August 21, 2014

Douglas College Geography class studies climate change in the field

                                                                David Denofreo Photo
You can study one of the hottest (no pun intended) topics of our times—climate change—while still an undergrad at Douglas College. Students in Geography 2210, pictured above collecting data in the field, get that opportunity. “Climate change is the most pressing environmental issue facing society today,” instructor Kathy Runnalls says. “Geography 2210 is a lab science course, and it gives students an introduction to the science of climate processes and climate change.”

But making sense of the abstract concepts can be challenging. That’s where the hands-on labs come in. Students use specialized tools to measure environmental conditions and then analyze their findings. “At many universities, students wouldn’t even see these instruments until upper level climate courses—if at all,” Runnalls says. “Our students get out in the field during weekly labs. By the end of the course they can design their own projects and use the equipment to make observations on any climate-related topic that interests them.”

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