Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Douglas College Criminology student wants to help victims of neglect

                                                                David Denofreo Photo
As a pre-teen, Katarina Hechter was fascinated by legal thrillers and abnormal behaviour. So when it came time for college, Criminology seemed like a natural fit. It was then that she discovered where her true interests lay. 

“After taking some Criminology courses, I became less interested in atypical crime and more interested in everyday issues related to social justice,” she says. Alternative justice measures such as circle sentencing spoke to her, as they recognize the needs of victims, involve the community and identify rehabilitation options for the offender. “I believe people are inherently good, and many of them are not having their needs met by institutions or their environment,” she says. 

Katarina sees a future for herself working in northern Canada with Aboriginal offenders— after she’s completed her Associate Degree at Douglas College and moved on to do her BA and MA, that is. In the meantime, she’s staying involved in her community and her field of interest. “The Women’s Memorial March I attended on Feb. 14 was one of the most powerful experiences I have had,” she says. “I was surrounded by people who had been victims of neglect. My heart broke because I wanted so much to help them.”

Learn more about the Criminology program at douglascollege.ca/aacrim