Thursday, July 24, 2014

Douglas College Veterinary Technology grads help four-legged friends

Douglas grads Lauren Basford, left, and Amanda Brackett.
David Denofreo Photo

Amanda Brackett and Lauren Basford have something in common—they love helping animals, large or small.

As graduates of the Veterinary Technology program, they are both well on their way to turning that passion into fulfilling careers as veterinary nurses.

And they’ve got the practical experience to get it done. The Veterinary Technology program gives students many opportunities to work with animals, either at the in-school clinic or at shelters, farms, veterinary facilities and more.

The two-year diploma program provides both theoretical and practical training in medical and surgical nursing, anesthesia, radiography, dentistry and laboratory procedures. Amanda and Lauren learned how to provide medical care to cats, dogs, pigs, birds and even horses, such as Elcici (pictured above receiving a physical exam).

“I loved the hands-on aspects of the program,” says Lauren, whose dream job is working with horses.

For her part, Amanda is more of a dog lover, but she’s a friend to all types of animals.

“I love finding ways to make them feel happier and healthier so they can enjoy a full, happy life with their families,” she says.

Want to learn more about the Veterinary Technology program? Come to an info session!

You can also check out our video starring Amanda and Lauren for a look inside the program: