Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Douglas College marks National Aboriginal Day 2014

You are invited to celebrate and explore Aboriginal culture at Douglas College. The college has planned a series of fun and educational events this week leading up to National Aboriginal Day on June 21.

There's plenty to check out. Learn how to make your own dream catcher. Enjoy eating bannock, a traditional bread dish. Or watch films about Aboriginal history, including the Second World War movie Windtalkers.

Here is what's planned

New Westminster campus
Wednesday, June 18

8:30am-3pm, room 2201 (lecture theatre)

Bannock Workshop
10-11am, room 4650 (Aboriginal Gathering Place)

Lunch (clam chowder and bannock)
12-1pm, room 4650 (Aboriginal Gathering Place)

Dream Catchers
2-3pm, Concourse

Coquitlam campus
Thursday, June 19

8:30am-4pm, room A1470 (lecture theatre)

Bannock Workshop
10-11am, room A1230

Lunch (clam chowder and bannock)
11:45am, room A1230

Dream Catchers
10am-2pm, Atrium

For details about the film screenings, click to enlarge the pamphlet below:

All activities are free and open to everyone. For more information, contact Aboriginal Student Services Coordinator Dave Seaweed.