Monday, May 26, 2014

Hip-hop talent show hits Douglas College stage

The Douglas College Hip-Hop Club is bringing a lineup of dancers, singers, stand-up comedians and other talent to the stage. The Dat Talent Doe! showcase will feature performances from college students, hip-hop club members and local dance crews.

Established in 2009, the Douglas College Hip-Hop Club hosts weekly fun dance classes on campus led by a variety of choreographers. During the showcase event, club members will present a dance performance that reflects the stages of life: childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

Dat Talent Doe! takes place  in the Laura C. Muir Performing Arts Theatre on the New Westminster campus on Friday, May 30 at 5pm. Tickets are $10 and available from club members or at the door. For more information, visit the event's Facebook page.


Friday, May 23, 2014

Douglas College shares student stories using new mobile technology

Next time you pass through Vancouver City Centre Station, keep your mobile device handy. You might want to check out an interactive Douglas College wall mural featuring a student and two grads.

The college has incorporated Near Field Communications (NFC) technology into the mural. So if you have a NFC-enabled device, hold it close to the digital hotspots on the mural. You'll instantly connect the device to online video profiles about the students that will automatically pop open on screen.

The emerging technology works by allowing mobile devices to communicate via radio frequency with small electronic tags embedded in the mural. The videos feature Performing Arts grad Britt MacDuff, Psychiatric Nursing grad Sanjin Ramovic and International Studies student Anoop Virk.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Douglas College students blog from Zambia

The 2014 Zambia GLP students prepare for departure.
Earlier this month, 10 Douglas College students left for Africa to complete three-month-long internships. The trip is part of the college's annual Zambia Global Leadership Program, which gives participants the opportunity to contribute to community development projects in the country. The students have started blogging about their experiences and will be posting regular updates. If you want find out what they're up to, check out the Zambia GLP student blogs.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Douglas College Poem of the Month: May 2014

Poem of the Month showcases outstanding work written by Douglas College students.

Each month, the Creative Writing Department displays posters across both campuses featuring a new poem.

Click on the image to the right to see an enlarged version of this month’s poster, featuring "A Yellow Tree" by Larissa Huang.

All Douglas College students are eligible to enter the Poem of the Month competition. Featured poems are selected by a committee of instructors.

To learn more about submitting poems, contact the Faculty of Language, Literature and Performing Arts at 604 527 5465.

More information about the Creative Writing Department is available on the Douglas College website.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Douglas College Counselling Services is here to help

                                                            David Denofreo Photo
College can be a stressful and confusing time for many students. Often this has an impact on school performance. It may be helpful to talk to someone who can assist you with managing personal challenges and easing the pressure of college life.

If you are dealing with a problem that is affecting your school performance, it may be useful to talk to someone who can support you. Counsellors, located at both New Westminster and Coquitlam campuses, are trained to provide short term personal counselling, career counselling and student advocacy. You may want to visit Counselling Services for free support if you are having trouble in areas such as:

  • Managing personal stressors
  • Relationship problems
  • Grief
  • Family related concerns
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Adjustment to college
  • Setting career goals
  • Making career choices
  • Understanding your rights and responsibilities according to college policy

How do you make an appointment?

Simply phone or come in to make a 50-minute appointment. If you are in crisis, or if you do not require a full appointment, shorter, 20-30 minute drop-in appointments are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Locations and hours:

New Westminster campus, room 4600 (South)
604 527 5486 TTY: 604 527 5450
Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm; Wednesday from 8:30am-7:00pm

Coquitlam campus, room A1050
604 777 6168 TTY: 604 777 6179
Open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm; Tuesday from 8:30am-7:00pm

You aren’t alone – Counselling Services is here for you. More information is available on the Douglas College website


Explore the world with Douglas College field schools

                                                        Andrew Ducholke Photo
What are you doing in summer 2015?

We’re planning field schools in China, Italy, Mexico, Switzerland and more, and you’re invited!

Field schools are seven weeks and usually take place from April to July. Courses are taught by Douglas instructors and, depending on the program, an instructor from one of our partner institutions.

Virtually all field school courses are university transferable.

You’ll spend part of the program studying at Douglas before travelling overseas with your instructors and classmates to complete the program at one of our partner institutions.

To be eligible, you must be:

  • a Douglas College student eligible to take the courses offered in the field school. Qualified students from other institutions are welcome to apply but must first gain admission to Douglas College. 
  • 18 years of age or older prior to departure 
  • in good academic standing with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 by application deadline. If you do not meet this requirement, you can only attend a field school with the approval of the program's lead faculty member. 
  • a passport holder or able to obtain a passport

$2,100-$3,650 per student, depending on the program. Includes airport transfers overseas, use of facilities at the partner institution, tuition for course taught by partner institution, program field trips, shared accommodations, most meals (depending on the program) and travel medical insurance.

Airfare, passport application costs, fees for Douglas College courses, airport transfers in Vancouver, textbooks and personal spending are extra.

For details on all Douglas College field schools, visit Student Planet.


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Get involved and have fun outside of class with Douglife

Want to discover the other half of the college experience? Douglife is your one-stop shop for activities outside of class like Frosh, global internships and volunteer opportunities, student leadership, and intramurals. Douglife also supports student clubs and organizations, wellness programs, and overall student development. 

Complimentary fitness classes are offered at both campuses ranging from yoga and pilates, kick boxing, core strength, and basic step. There are also two fitness centres accessible to Douglas College students and staff: one at the New Westminster campus and one at the Pinetree Community Centre next to the Coquitlam campus. Hours of operation are listed on the Douglife website.

Volunteer opportunities exist on and off campus. On-campus opportunities include helping run International Day and other exciting events, while off-campus opportunities exist through a variety of organizations like the Red Cross and PoCoMo Youth Services.

Some of the clubs that exist on campus are the Running Club, the Outdoors Club, the Social Justice Club, the International Association, and several dance clubs. Get the complete list on the Douglife website.

Why get involved?

  • Getting involved in co-curricular activities gives you the chance to meet new people with similar interests. In other words, make new friends and have fun doing it.
  • Physical activity can have a strong, positive impact on mood, and social interaction can boost cognitive performance.
  • Gain personal and professional skills that will benefit you in classroom settings and in future careers. 

So whether you want to join a sports team, develop your leadership skills, intern in Zambia or create a club, Douglife is the place you need to be. Check us out our website for more information.


Monday, May 12, 2014

Video: Meet Brad Pearson, Douglas College music student

Music is more than just a hobby for Brad Pearson—it's a life-long pursuit. Check out this video to learn more about the Douglas College music student.

More information about the music program is available on the Douglas College website.


Thursday, May 8, 2014

There's no place like...the Douglas College Library

By Gretchen Goertz, Reference Librarian

Like Dorothy on the road to Oz, navigating College can be daunting! Dorothy had a few companions, but in the Library you have many different people and many types of services to help you along your path.

Not sure who or where to ask your questions? Douglas College has libraries at both the Coquitlam and New Westminster campuses. Look for the "ASK ME" service desk close to the entrances at either campus. There you will find friendly and knowledgeable library staff waiting to provide assistance. Don’t hesitate to ask your question - we answer all sorts of questions at the ASK ME desk.

In addition to F2F help, the Library website has an array of research and educational resources to help you write research essays, find scholarly resources and complete your assignments. Are you simply looking for a book or e-book? Search our Library catalogue. Looking for citation styles? The library has Citation guides to help you cite your sources correctly. Familiarize yourself with the library homepage and don’t forget to click the Resources by Subject page for your specific discipline.

Do you have required readings for a course? Check the Course Reserves link on the library homepage and try a search by course or instructor. Some readings are online and others are housed on the Reserves shelves at the circulation desks. Circulation staff can help you get the correct reading for your course. Staff can also help you sign out library material, book laptops, book study rooms, show you how to use audio visual equipment and much more. Information about the technology available for loan can be viewed on the A/V equipment webpage.

Don’t forget: you can log in to your own library account 24/7. From your account you can place holds on library material, renew books/videos, opt in or out of your personal Reading History, create reading lists for research and monitor your account. Don’t forget to subscribe to Notices by Text Messaging so you will never have overdue materials. You will receive courtesy notices gently reminding you when your library materials are due, alerts when your holds are ready for pick-up, and other helpful text alerts.

Research Librarians are available during all open hours so when you are ready to start your research paper or other assignments they are available to help you find useful research material using appropriate research databases. There are several ways to contact a Librarian:

  • F2F at the Research desks (both campuses) 
  • Email reference
  • Live Chat
  • texting
  • telephone
  • individualized appointments 

So don’t get stranded on the yellow brick road! Stop by either campus library and get to know the people, tools and services available for you - and no flying monkeys!

More information about the library is available on the Douglas College website


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Free tutoring this summer at the Learning Centre

Is philosophy giving you fits? Is APA absolutely agonizing? Is Excel making you enraged? If so, you may want to check out the Douglas College Learning Centre for free help with your courses.

The Learning Centre (or the “LC,” as the cool kids call it) uses a student-led approach to learning that helps you evaluate and improve your study skills to succeed in both current and future courses. The LC has branches at both the Coquitlam and New Westminster campuses, offering free help for any course at the college.

LC tutors are peer tutors; they are students just like you, taking classes at Douglas or other post-secondary institutions. In addition to helping you with coursework, they can help you with essay writing, math skills and computer skills. Plus, they can coach you on how to study more effectively.

If you are having trouble with a course, don’t wait until it’s too late. From the LC homepage, you can register for an account, log into WCOnline and find a time that’s right for you for a 25-minute appointment. Bookings can be done 24 hours a day, so there’s no need to hesitate. You can also apply for a weekly, ongoing 50-minute session with a tutor. All Learning Centre tutoring is free to Douglas College students.

Another option is to send your written assignments to an online tutor. You can send in your written work any time, seven days a week. Getting help is as easy as going to our website and choosing the option that works best for you.

The LC also offers computer skills help at the New Westminster campus. If you’re having trouble with a program or need a hand with formatting, ask one of our computer skills tutors. You can find them at the computer skills desk, which is located in the library, just outside the library classroom (room 2100A).

LC peer tutors are available during the following hours for the Summer 2014 semester:

New Westminster
Room 2105, in the Library
Monday: 9:30am-4:30pm
Tuesday-Thursday: 9:30am-5:30pm
Friday: 9:30am-4:30pm

Room A1040, beside the Atrium
Tuesday-Wednesday: 9:30am-4:30pm

Computer Skills (at New Westminster only)
Monday-Friday: 10:30am-3:30pm


Monday, May 5, 2014

Douglas College student at home in the sky

Keenan Archer is training to become a professional pilot.
The thrill of piloting a small airplane for the first time helped Keenan Archer realize a career in the sky was right for him.

“It felt awesome,” the Douglas College student says. “That’s when it finally clicked for me that I wanted to be a pilot. I wasn’t sure until then.”

That brief experience at the controls was during a “familiarization flight” under the supervision of an instructor from Professional Flight Centre.

Professional Flight Centre, based in Delta, has partnered with Douglas College to offer the new Associate of Arts for Future Professional Pilots program.

Academic courses are taught at Douglas while flight training and other instruction takes place at Professional Flight Centre’s location at Boundary Bay Airport.

With aviation-relevant courses such as geography and psychology offered in the two-year program, Keenan believes the post-secondary degree will improve his employability as a pilot.

His goal is to build up his flight experience and one day work in the cockpit for a major airline.

Training on single-propeller planes, Keenan has so far earned a private pilot’s licence and is working toward his commercial licence.

“One of the challenges in aviation is you’re always focusing on many things at the same time,” he says.

“You’re focusing on the radio, your instruments, where you are, looking for other aircrafts in the sky. You definitely have to be able to multi-task.”

But he’s up for the challenge.

“You work all of your skills when you’re a pilot. You work your motor skills, cognitive skills and people skills. It seems like a good job for me.”

And what advice does he have for others curious about a career in aviation?

“For those who are unsure if they want to become a pilot or not, go try a familiarization flight. It worked for me and it might work for you.”