Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Psychology expert to discuss how self-control is key to success

Nathan DeWall, University of
Kentucky psychology professor.
Nathan DeWall believes in the power of self-control.

"We all have heroes who motivate us to become better versions of ourselves and the success of those heroes relies on a common ingredient: self-control," says DeWall, a psychology professor at the University of Kentucky.

DeWall will lay out his ideas on the science of self-control during a talk at Douglas College on March 18.

"I want to explain the science of self-control and show people that we aren't as different from our heroes as we think. We all have what it takes to achieve our goals," he says.

The talk will draw on cutting-edge science to show how self-control helps us have better lives, stronger relationships and improves societies. According to DeWall, by understanding why self-control is important and how it works, people can accomplish more than they ever thought was possible.

DeWall holds a PhD in social psychology from Florida State University and has had more than 120 scientific articles and chapters published. He is also director of the Social Psychology Lab at the University of Kentucky.

His talk, titled Taming the Impulsive Beast: Self-Control as Our Greatest Human Strength, takes place March 18 from 12-1pm in room 2201 on the Douglas College New Westminster campus.