Friday, January 17, 2014

Douglas College music student driven by his passion to play

                              David Denofreo photo

By Doug editor

Like everyone, Brad Pearson has his bad days. But he's discovered his love of music can help him get through those difficult times.

“If you’ve had a really bad day, you can come home, put on a piece of music and if you sink into it enough, you’re just instantly in a better mood,” he says.

Brad is a University Transfer student at Douglas College, working toward a diploma in classical double bass performance. A musician with diverse tastes, he is also the bass player in Grizzly Bones, a local rock band.

Brad’s dream is to have a successful career as a musician. He realizes it won’t be easy to get there, but he’s ready to put in the hard work.

“To make a living at it, you’ve got to teach constantly. You’ve got to be gigging as much as possible. You’re constantly getting your name out there,” he says.

“At the same time, you’ve got to be practicing all the time. Your day is just wake up, practice, teach, gig, practice, teach, gig—and that’s all you do.”

A versatile musician

Once he completes his studies at Douglas, Brad plans to transfer to Vancouver Community College to pursue a bachelor’s degree in music. After that, he might study abroad towards a master’s degree.

“I want to be as versatile as possible,” he says. “I don’t want to get stuck in being only a classical double bassist. I don’t want to be just a rock bassist. I don’t want to be just a jazz bassist.”

“I want to do as much as possible and play as many different things as possible so that every day of the week is something different.”