Thursday, November 7, 2013

Douglas College Sport Science grad applies his knowledge in Zambia

Bruce Biro knows what it’s like to make a difference in people’s lives.

A Sport Science graduate from Douglas College, Bruce put the skills and knowledge he acquired in the classroom to good use on a trip to Zambia in early 2013.

While there as part of the College’s Zambia Global Leadership Program, he was tasked with showing a group of young athletes how to deal with sports injuries.

For Bruce, it was an unexpected but welcome opportunity to apply what he learned in the Bachelor of Physical Education and Coaching (BPEC) program.

“One of the courses I took was sports injury assessment and management, where you actually learn some common injuries and how to tape them or wrap them,” he says.

Working at a sports academy in rural Zambia, Bruce led workshops for young soccer players. He gave them hands-on guidance on how to identify and treat common injuries.

“It was very rewarding and humbling. I felt like I was contributing to a cause and that I believed in and that they were actually using what I showed them,” he says.

“They were looking for their sports program to develop and get better and I was excited to be part of that process.”

Bruce came to Douglas College as a recruit for the men’s baseball team. Before long, he had committed to the four-year BPEC program, deciding to stay on at Douglas and finish the degree once his two years of eligibility for the baseball team were up.

Bruce is now pursuing a career in teaching, but he looks back fondly on his time in the BPEC program.

“It was just a really good environment with stuff that I found extremely interesting, instructors I connected with and classmates whom I got along with,” he says.

“We call it the BPEC family for a reason—because that’s what we are.”