Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Douglas College student eyes career in child protection

                              David Denofreo Photo
How do you know what you want to be when you grow up? For Paul Singh, the answer was easy. 

He always found himself falling into the role of mediator to his younger cousins, friends and other teens. A career in child and youth care was a natural fit.

“I always just seemed to know what needed to be done,” he says. “I played basketball regularly and there were a lot of kids there, so I spent time getting to know them and finding out what was going on in their lives.”

After three work placements through the Douglas College Child and Youth Care program – two as a counselor for youth in high school and one research practicum studying how children are able to learn and develop resiliency – Paul knows he’s made the right choice. He wants to take it one step further, however, and go into child protection.

“Child protection is intense, but I want to do it,” he says. “Even if you see a lot of negative environments, you must have respect for the families and understand that they may not be making the best choices at that moment. Learning from them and helping them get through that is important.”

To help cope with what can be an often high-stress line of work, Paul turns to his family and friends – and games.

“Everyone needs self-care,” he explains. “I play video games – NBA, NHL, Halo, and a few others. My friends and I get together and we have a video game session and just hang out. It helps me stay connected.”

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