Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Douglas College student explores his interests with General Studies

                                 David Denofreo Photo
Do you ever wonder why we behave the way we do? Johnny Zacharuk does. He’s taking General Studies at Douglas College–including psychology, sociology and philosophy courses–to help him understand what makes people tick.

“I’m curious as to why everyone acts the way they do and how different factors play into our behaviour,” he says. “There is a lot around human actions that I want to figure out.”

Johnny originally came to Douglas to study criminology and eventually become a police officer, but his goals have changed. He hasn’t decided on his career path just yet, but says Douglas is the best place for him to explore his passion and figure out in which direction he wants to go.

“Douglas has a casual and relaxed atmosphere, but at the same time your instructors make you work,” he says. “It’s a perfect mix."

More information about General Studies at Douglas College is available here.