Thursday, October 3, 2013

Centre for Students with Disabilities earns praise from Douglas College student

                             David Denofreo Photo
If you’re concerned about coming to Douglas because you have special needs, Wes McGuffin's story might help ease your mind.

As a student who uses a wheelchair and whose fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination are compromised, Wes, who’s in General Studies, looks to the Centre for Students with Disabilities when he needs assistance.

“The people at the centre are phenomenal,” Wes says. “They make sure I get extra time to write my tests, and I’m allowed to type all my exams because I can’t write very well. They’ll bring in a scribe to help me take notes and make sure I get assistance doing the hands-on work in science labs.”

“There’s nobody better to help you out if you need it,” he adds. “And it’s not just for people with physical disabilities. If you have depression or ADHD or anything like that, they will help you. They are very accommodating.”

More information about the Douglas College Centre for Students with Disabilities is available here.