Friday, September 13, 2013

Psychiatric Nursing grad pursues his passion for mental-health work

                                David Denofreo Photo
Trying to decide whether to get your degree at a college or university? 

Sanjin Ramovic was a second-year psychology student at Douglas when he was accepted into the honours programs at UBC and SFU. But he chose to stay at Douglas to finish his undergraduate psychology degree.

“I realized Douglas was where I wanted to be,” San says. “I loved the instructors and the program. They were awesome.”

After graduating, he decided to go on to get a degree in psychiatric nursing. Sticking with the same institution was a no-brainer.

“Douglas was my only choice,” San says. “It was the only place I applied to, and it was the only program I wanted to take.”

Now an intake nurse at Surrey Mental Health, San’s found his place: working in the community.

“It’s my passion,” he says. “It’s where I feel I fit in the best and can do the most.”

Working in mental health takes a lot of focus. But San is no stranger to activities that require a great deal of concentration.

When he’s not working, he can be found taking his motorbike out for long rides or building miniature armies from the Warhammer fantasy game.

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