Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Students honoured for leadership, volunteerism and more at Student Engagement Awards

James Bytelaar, winner of the 2013 Campus Engagement Award. Pictured with Blaine Jensen, VP Educational Services

By Naomi Ambrose

“It is great to see that my involvement on campus is making such a recognizable difference in the Douglas community,” said James Bytelaar, a second-year student in the Environmental Science program and the recipient of the 2013 Douglas College Campus Engagement Award.

James, along with several other students, were honoured at the second annual Douglas College Student Engagement Awards banquet April 9 at the Executive Plaza Hotel in Coquitlam. Students were recognized for their contributions and achievements in co-curricular volunteerism, campus engagement and leadership that shaped a year full of meaningful change for the College and its community.

James played a key role in the 2012 New Student Orientation and the inaugural Mature Student Orientation. He was also a Frosh Leader for Douglife’s new student event in September. In addition, James led the creation of the Haunted House event last Halloween, where over 200 students participated. Finally, he was one of the coordinators for the inaugural talent show Dougie’s Got Talent, where Douglas College students showcased their talent to the College community.

Jenelle Davies, a second-year History student and the winner of the Leader of the Year Award, had some inspirational words to share with other students. 

Jenelle Davies, winner of the Leader of the Year Award. Pictured with Scott McAlpine, President of Douglas College
“Students should be strong in their convictions and never stop moving forward. They should surround themselves with the best, and always be willing to learn and teach others.”

Jenelle illustrated her willingness to teach during her role as the Women’s Liaison with the Douglas Students’ Union. During her stint, Jenelle co-facilitated a series of large events on campus, including the Sisters in Spirit candle vigil, the National Day of Action Against Violence Against Women and International Women’s Day. Jenelle was also an inspirational and supportive leader for her peers during her Wales Field School experience.

The Dalai Lama said that “with realization of one’s potential and self-confidence in one’s
ability, one can build a better world” – a better world filled with positive, innovative and vibrant changes.

James, Jenelle and all of the outstanding students who contribute endless hours of work to create a better Douglas College community are the catalysts of change. They are the change that help make Douglas College what it is today; a progressive, more vibrant  and innovative college.