Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New West Campus holds lockdown drill mid-May

What if there were a violent intruder on campus? Would you know what to do?

In mid-May we’re holding a lockdown drill at the New West Campus to show you how to stay safe in such a situation.

What will the lockdown drill look like?

On the day of the drill there will be signs at campus entry points and extra security guards on site. Prior to the drill there will be an announcement over the PA system to let you know the drill process is about to begin.


  • About one minute later, a lockdown alert will be announced over the PA system and sent via DC Alerts, the College’s emergency communication system. 
  • Upon hearing the lockdown alert, you will be instructed to go to the nearest room and lock the door. There will be personnel in open spaces, such as the cafeteria and concourse, to direct you. 
  • When the drill is over, you will receive an-all clear message. 

We’ll advise you of the specific date of the drill closer to the event.

What can I do to prepare?

Watch our Lockdown Instructional Video on the Douglas College website.

Check out the Lockdown Procedures posted in all classrooms and meeting rooms.

Sign up for DC Alerts.

If you have any questions, contact Nancy Constable, Director, Safety, Security & Risk Management, at 604 527 5828.