Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Douglas College students discuss their research at Student Research Day

On Student Research Day (March 25), doug spoke with a few students to get the lowdown on their projects. And we've got video to prove it. Check out these short segments, and see what else is happening on Douglas College's YouTube channel.

Leyla Khosrovpour, Katelyn Dyck and Pooja Sharma discuss the hidden cost of chocolate, and why buying fair trade is better.

Environmental Science students Graeme Lees, Mark Trousdell and Alia Romhanyi discuss their research project, Marine Benthic Diatoms: Comparing Biodiversity between Urban and Pristine Environments.

Psychiatric Nursing students Feleku Tadesse, Aklil Biza and Huda Nooh talk about the link between genetics and suicide.

Jennifer Pook discusses her research project, The Big Move: The Impact of Moving into Residential Care.