Tuesday, April 16, 2013

BBA grad reveals secret to her success

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Ruby Lu is what you might call an accounting superstar. Of the 5,000 students pursuing their Certified General Accounting designation in 2011-12, Ruby was one of 104 that made CGA-BC’s honour list. If that weren’t enough, she also finished first in B.C. on her FN2 (Advanced Corporate Finance) exam in 2012. What makes her tick? Read on to meet Ruby and find out.

Senior Accountant, Webtech Wireless

Certified General Accounting designation, ongoing
Bachelor of Business Administration – Accounting, Douglas College, 2012
Accounting Management Diploma, Douglas College, 2008

Career goals
“In the short term, to become a Certified General Accountant. For the long term, to work as a well-rounded controller in the high-tech sector.”

My dance card is full
“A typical day for me involves eight hours of work, two hours of commuting, two hours of chatting, playing and reading with my son, and four hours of studying.”

Juggling act
“To balance work and the rest of my life I make a detailed plan. I do a self-check each week to see where I’m at. It’s become habit for me. Even when I plan a social outing, I say, ‘OK, I need to do this and this and this.’ My friends say, ‘Ruby, come on. Stop. It’s just lunch.’”

Best thing about Douglas
“My great professors. They were knowledgeable, resourceful, helpful, supportive, sympathetic and approachable. They made me fully understand the old saying: ‘no pain, no gain.’

Most memorable time at college
“I received my acceptance letter from Douglas and found out I was pregnant at the same time. I thought, ‘Should I not go to school?’ But my husband was very supportive and pointed out I could do both. I completed my Accounting II final exam 12 hours before welcoming my son into the world. Now he is seven years old.”

Advice for success

“Get your family’s support. You have to make a lot of sacrifices, so make sure they understand the situation and how to help you. Be proactive: start your day early, manage your time wisely and revise your schedule accordingly to changes. Interview CGA students who have passed the course. Work hard, use all the resources available to you and practise, practise and practise.”

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