Thursday, March 21, 2013

Health Sciences students head to Dubai for international conference

By Tamara Letkeman, doug Editor

Three Health Sciences students are packing their bags and heading to Dubai next week where they'll represent Douglas College at the 2013 Education Without Borders Conference, March 25-28.

Psychiatric Nursing degree student Sanjin Ramovic (centre) and Bachelor of Science in Nursing students Bonn Tien Mark (left) and Tanya Peever were chosen out of 13 applicants from Douglas to attend the conference, where they'll engage in dialogue with other students on some of the world's greatest challenges. Notable past speakers at EWA include Tony Blair, Cherie Blair, Bill Clinton and a number of Nobel Prize winners.

Education Without Borders is a biennial international student conference representing top students from 200 individual nations. Three thousand students applied, with 600 students chosen as delegates, and 100 students chosen as paper presenters.

doug tracked down Tanya, Bonn Tien and Sanjin and asked them what going to the conference means to them:

Tanya: "I hope to be able to make meaningful connections with delegates from all over the world. I hope that I have an opportunity to learn about the educational struggles, incentives and initiatives that are occurring in other countries. Being able to learn about these types of things will help provide me with a better understanding of educational needs not only here in Canada, but also of what can be done to help in other places."

Bonn Tien: "I believe access to healthcare is a human right. I have volunteered abroad on several health-related projects in developing countries. The surreal experiences I have been exposed to continue to inspire me each and every day to advocate through knowledge and awareness for this human right. Most importantly, I discovered the impact of how sharing sustainable basic health education has saved and improved the quality of many lives. Attending EWB 2013 will provide me an opportunity to enrich my knowledge and empower and enable me to collaborate with others, not just globally, but also within my community."

Sanjin: "First and foremost, I want to take in the wealth of knowledge that various student presenters and conference speakers have to offer. I also hope to meet like-minded individuals who are passionate about making education accessible for all. The conference will give me a chance to interact with students from around the world, with unique ideas about solving social issues. A number of people that have attended the Education Without Borders conferences in the past have had a positive impact on their community because they were inspired by ideas at EWB - I hope to take away some of that same inspiration."

The conference will be combined with Higher Colleges of Technology’s biennial Festival of Thinkers conference. 

"That week will result in a synergistic combination of some of the world’s brightest and most talented students collaborating with world leaders, thinkers and Nobel Laureates to discuss and propose solutions to the issue of education and educational technology in the 21st century," says Pamela Cawley, Dean of Health Sciences at Douglas College, who will also be heading to Dubai.