Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Blue Window explores human desire for connection

By Tamara Letkeman, doug Editor

When yuppie friends converge at a dinner party in 1990s Manhattan, their conversational bravado gradually reveals a shared sense of loneliness in an increasingly crowded world.

Craig Lucas's Blue Window, the latest production (March 15-23) by the Douglas College departments of Theatre and Stagecraft & Event Technology, explores our very human desire for - and simultaneous fear of - intimacy.

Set in the cloistering highrises of Manhattan, the play introduces the characters in their respective apartments as they get ready to attend a dinner party at the home of Libby, the main character. The guests include a famous writer, a composer, a skydiving instructor and a lesbian couple planning a trip to Italy.

Through their conversations, we learn that each of them is searching for something - though they may not have the courage to take the final step to get it.

"They are longing for that spark that happens when the right two people come together," says Deborah Neville, director. "Each character is at a different stage in approaching this, their ‘blue window,' their portal to finding the thing they both desire and fear."

Neville says it isn't important that the characters are middle-class New Yorkers from a different era. What matters is that underneath they are human like everyone else.

"There is a fragility I think many folk will relate to: people living in close proximity and moving through hundreds of other people all day long, yet feeling alone, not heard, not seen. I believe most city dwellers will know this feeling. Like the characters in this play, we share a commonality: the desire for connection."

Blue Window runs March 15-23 at the Laura C. Muir Performing Arts Theatre, Douglas College, 700 Royal Ave., New Westminster. Tickets ($8-$12) are available through the Massey Theatre, 604 521 5050.