Tuesday, February 12, 2013

International Day 2013: A student's view

By Naomi Ambrose

If you walked through the concourse on Jan 29, you probably saw Keiko dressed in a yukata, or maybe you saw Jorge in a mariachi outfit. If you saw several students with a map entitled: Around the Globe in 80 Steps, then you stepped into the third annual Douglas College International Day, which was an event held to celebrate the cultural diversity of the College's students and staff. 

"I define who I am because of my culture," said Renee, a student in the Child and Youth Care program who proudly displayed her Fijian heritage by wearing a chamba and a grass skirt. Renee and the other students who showcased various cultural artifacts from their countries gave students an opportunity to experience and engage in different cultures by simply walking through the concourse in less than 80 steps. 

Sunny, a first-year Business Management student, visited the inaugural Douglas College International Tea and Coffee House. The Douglas Den was transformed into a global cafe filled with aromas from freshly-brewed coffee beans and teas from around the world. "I enjoyed the different kinds of coffee," he said. 

So is it really possible to travel around the world in 80 steps? The 2013 International Day illustrated this possibility exists. We live in a multicultural town at Douglas and we are given a great opportunity to learn about what makes us all unique - yet similar.