Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Doing what they love: Douglas College valedictorians

Graduation. It’s not an ending, but a beginning. At Douglas, we’re proud to be a part of so many amazing beginnings, like those we celebrated this week at our Winter 2013 Graduation ceremonies.

We know that every student has a great story, so we’d like share those of some of our valedictorians as they head off to do what they love.

Madison Beedller
Bachelor of Science in Nursing

"The Bachelor of Science in Nursing represents the beginning of my adult life. It both excites and terrifies me in ways I cannot properly articulate. This credential is the start of an incredible career rife with new life experiences, opportunities and meaningful relationships with patients, families, and the community.

This profession is more than simply helping someone. Nurses empower people to help and heal themselves physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. The knowledge and skills derived from my education at Douglas allowed me to assign a title to my passion. I chose nursing because I was born to be a Registered Nurse."

David Denofreo photo
Negina Khalil
Associate of Arts, Psychology

"I have always had a strong sense of curiosity. Growing up I was full of questions and objections that I did not hesitate to ask or point out. Lucky for me, most of the adults around me were nice enough to listen and answer my questions. What makes psychology interesting is that it applies to virtually every aspect of human life. Psychology can help us understand the world (as well as satisfy one’s curiosity) by studying people’s thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and developing a better understanding of people also plays a role in solving human problems.

If I had to pick one favourite thing about Douglas, I would have to go with my experience working at the Learning Centre. My tutoring position has by far been the most rewarding experience at this point in my life. I take pleasure in meeting, helping and motivating fellow students to achieve their potential."

Larissa Ruditsch
Bachelor of Business Administration, Financial Services 

"I chose the Financial Services program specifically because it's so applicable to real life. We all earn money and spend money but unfortunately, a lot of people don't know how to manage it. I want to be able to help people manage their finances so they can live comfortably.

My favourite thing about Douglas is the fact that as a student, I am a name and not just a number. I say that because we are fortunate enough to have smaller class sizes that allow us to receive a personalized approach to learning. I know my instructors and my peers, they know me and it's comfortable. I have a hard time imagining that would be the case in a lecture hall of 300 other students to one instructor."

Cole Schonhofer
Associate of Science, Biology

"Douglas has given me a great foundation in scientific knowledge to build off as I continue my education, as well as a multitude of social skills to apply in every situation.  

My fondest memories are of the field trips during my ecology course, actually seeing what we were learning in the classroom happening out in the real world in real ecosystems. It really brought it home to me that everything we learned in class came from people going out in the world and figuring it out first."