Friday, January 11, 2013

What is student engagement? The Douglas Students’ Union perspective

You're invited to chow down on lasagne with the President of Douglas College Thursday, Jan. 17 and talk about student engagement! The dinner (free!) and discussion is brought to you by Douglas College and the Douglas College Students' Union. To find out how the DSU defines student engagement, read on.

Post-secondary institutions are places of higher learning, but the whole student experience does not happen in just the labs and lecture halls. A post-secondary institution is a place where many students discover their passion, sometimes from their studies, but mostly, it happens outside the classroom.

The Students’ Union is a unique place on campus to discover those extracurricular interests, have your voice heard and make long-lasting friendships. The elected representatives provide a voice for their constituents, the student body, while also listening to their needs and concerns.

Active on campus since 1972, the Douglas Students’ Union has been integral to the life of the College. The DSU has been instrumental in creating a vibrant campus, with more activities and, inevitably, more student engagement. It is the place where clubs address not only academics and entertainment, but also social issues (the environment, multiculturalism, women’s issues, queer issue, etc). Where you can engage in campaigns drawing attention to tuition fees, aboriginal education, enfranchisement and sustainability. Where you can get involved with events, social groups and activities. The DSU has a place for you to engage in a meaningful way on campus and make you experience memorable.

“I used to believe that students were just young people trying to better their lives through higher education, without much of a voice or opportunity to truly express our concerns and ideas. The Students’ Union opened me up to the fact that I personally, along with my peers, really do have a voice that is heard." – Devin Periera, DSU College Relations Coordinator, DC/DSU Joint Operations Committee, Royals Men’s Soccer Team 

“My involvement with the Douglas Student’s Union has shaped my passions, and has led my academic career into a new direction. Douglas College has provided me a great base for my educational dreams, but by getting involved, I’ve really found what I’m passionate about.” – Jenelle Davis: DSU Women’s Liaison, Student Ambassador with ONS, Wales Field School 

“Getting involved with the Douglas Students’ Union has influenced my academic career, social/political perspectives, and most importantly, my direction in life. Being a part of the Students’ Union has enriched my college experience by providing the opportunity to advocate for students on a local, provincial, and federal level.” – Madison Paradis-Woodman: DSU Aboriginal Liaison, student in Child, Family and Community Studies. 

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