Friday, September 7, 2012

Love music? Join a Douglas College band!

By Alex Berkovets

My name is Alex Berkovets and I play for the Douglas College Concert Band. I play the alto sax and have been playing since the 2011 Fall term.

Before playing for the College band, I played for my high school band and during my last year at elementary. I used to play flute but eventually switched over to alto sax because I liked it better. In addition, I was also a part of a military marching band until recently. 

I decided to play at Douglas because I was going to school here and I had a friend who told me that I didn't need to be in the Music Program to play. I'm in the Criminology program, and I still play for the band. Everyone is welcome.

John van Deursen conducts the Douglas College Concert Band.
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I keep playing because I enjoy dressing up for concerts and having people come see me, both friends and family, and I just have fun doing it. It's a good way to get more involved with the College and impress others. To me, it's like a hobby. Anyone can join, but it does require some commitment to keep practising and make weekly practices. But it doesn't eat up a big chunk of my time at all. 

If you like playing an instrument, both professionally or merely as a hobby, then you'll like playing in this band.

Want to play in the Douglas College Jazz Dues Band or Concert Band - and receive credit at the same time? You'll receive elective credits (MUSC 1130/1131) and have the chance to practise playing music and performing. Anyone who plays an instrument and has the time and passion to practise (once a week) and perform is welcome.

For more information, visit our website or contact conductor John van Deursen by email or 604 527 5274.