Monday, September 17, 2012

Frosh 12 = Absolutely incredible and priceless experience

Cordi Tanguay (front left) leads team RED 3 during Frosh 12 last week.
By Cordi Tanguay

Ever since I attended the Leadership Retreat in Fall 2011, I have done everything I could to attend events, volunteer at events and spread the word about Douglife at Douglas College and how it has enriched my own experience.

Douglife has a lot to offer to any student, whether you are a first-year straight out of high school, or a mature student like myself. Being in a closed program, you go through 2 years of college with the same 30 people. Douglife allows students to branch out of their classroom, out of their program and into a whole different environment full of new experiences, fresh faces and memories just waiting to be made. When I found out about Frosh, I jumped right on board.

Frosh is an amazing event that allows first year attendees at Douglas College to meet a lot of people, build new relationships and HAVE FUN! This year, we ran through events such as the Blind Obstacle Course and Rough Mudder - obstacle courses that force you to build trust and communication quickly for success (while getting down and dirty!), Cup Stacking (which our team ROCKED at!), dodge ball, and everyone’s favorite, So You Think You Can Dougie, where every group was taught a short hip-hop dance and then presented it on the final day of Frosh. Each team could earn a certain amount of points at every station, points for social media participation, costume, team flag and team name.

This year, for Frosh12, I volunteered to be a team leader, and had so much fun doing it. Being able to lead a group of new students from different programs, different backgrounds, etc., was an amazing experience that I will remember forever. My team, although on the small side with only 8 participants (including the 2 co-leaders), did not go unheard! Over the whole weekend of events, they had the heart, charisma and true Douglas spirit of a team of 20! They just never gave up. The fact that we were a smaller team allowed us to bond faster and more in depth as well as enabled us to build strong relationships with one another.

My final words: I strongly suggest that every student attending Douglas College take part in at least one event with Douglife. You will not be disappointed! From personal experience, it helps to gain a healthy balance of fun, friends and memories.

For more photos of Frosh 12, check out Douglife's Flickr album.