Wednesday, September 19, 2012

BPEC student brings hip hop into the classroom

John Bello photo

By Tamara Letkeman, doug Editor

Think you can’t combine your passion with your education? Bryan Aquino started the Douglas College Hip Hop Club with a friend back in ’07. Now he’s getting his Bachelor of Physical Education and Coaching (BPEC), and wants to take dance into the classroom once he becomes a teacher.

I chose BPEC "because I like physical activity, and dance is one of my passions. I thought I could take the program and still do dance at the same time. And once I get my degree, I can actually teach dance in the classroom."

I started the Hip Hop Club "so I could share dance, but also to give a memorable experience to students so they wouldn’t just go to school, study and leave."

I got into dance "when I started high school. This group of older kids did an air band, and they were dancing to ’N Sync. That really caught my attention."

What gets me about dance is "I just love connecting to the music and how people can get together and just jam it out. You get that really positive feeling with dance."

I keep my moves fresh "by learning from other people, watching videos and just trying to be inspired as much as I can. When I become a teacher I want to create a fun learning environment for kids, something they’ll remember me for."

Find out more about the Bachelor of Physical Education and Coaching program on our website. Or come to an info session Oct. 1 or Nov. 13 (Coquitlam) or Oct. 18 or 15 (New West). For more on the Hip Hop Club, see Douglife.

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