Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Math lover follows her heart to Douglas College

By Tamara Letkeman, doug Editor

She’d always loved math, but Jenny Hung decided to pursue law once she graduated from high school. “Little did I know that the minute I got into university I would start missing math,” says Jenny, who grew up in Taiwan. Still, she completed her law degree, and put her love of math on hold.

Shortly after she graduated, Jenny came to Canada with her parents. Here her passion for math was reignited, and she became a chartered accountant. But during that time, her desire - to study pure mathematics - gnawed at her until she couldn’t ignore it any longer.

After a decade working in accounting, she quit her job and came to Douglas to pursue her dream. “It was a risky decision, but after six years of thinking about it, I finally did it. I felt I really needed to give myself the opportunity.”

She says Douglas was the perfect place for her to land. “Class sizes were smaller, and I was constantly surprised at how the professors recognized the students and remembered our names. They really do care. It was unbelievable.”

After two years at Douglas, Jenny has transferred to Simon Fraser University to continue her studies, with the goal of becoming a mathematician. She’s doing what she loves – and can’t imagine things any other way. “Math is so analytical and creative at the same time. It’s my language. It's how I look at the world. It's literally how I think about a problem, how I think about real-life situations. I absolutely love it.”

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