Thursday, June 28, 2012

Douglas College to launch international sales institute

Looking for ways to hone your selling skills, amp up your sales team or learn best sales practices?

In September, Douglas College is launching a sales institute programmed to become an international leader in sales information, research, training and education.

The Peter Legge International Institute for Sales Excellence, named after Peter Legge, CEO of Canada Wide Media and inductee into the international Sales Hall of Fame, was developed by the Douglas College Marketing Department.

The institute will offer a wide range of educational programs and industry services, events and activities, such as customized industry training, research, seminars, conferences and sales aptitude testing.

The aim of the institute is that it become the premier destination for professional sales knowledge and training.

“Sales is a critical driver of the Canadian economy, but it’s often overlooked in terms of advanced training and education,” says department chair Gail Tibbo. “Many companies face problems of quality and consistency in their sales forces that result in poor performance and employee turnover. The sales institute will help fill that education gap by providing hands-on training and leadership.”

Douglas already offers a post-degree diploma in sales and is in the final stages of establishing a bachelor of business administration degree in marketing and sales.

Tibbo notes that at least one in four people in the Canadian labour force works in sales and service in some capacity, yet no public educational institution in B.C. has specialized in sales training - until now.

"Companies need trusted credentials that signify a certain level of competence and understanding of best sales practices," Tibbo says. "Our goal is to be that trusted source of best practices and innovative ideas in sales, and to advance the field of sales as a profession. That way, everyone wins - companies, employees and customers."

The institute will also create partnerships with industry, sales organizations and educational institutions across Canada and in other countries, and will foster better understanding of international sales and cultural factors in markets around the world.

For more information on the Peter Legge International Institute for Sales Excellence, visit the website.