Monday, May 28, 2012

See transit of Venus June 5 at the New West Campus

See the black dot at the far right of the sun? That's Venus in transit.

Cloudy skies may have obscured our view of the solar eclipse last weekend, but another astronomical phenomenon is coming our way next week, and we've got the telescopes to prove it.

On Tuesday, June 5, the planet Venus will move across the face of the sun. The transit of Venus starts at 3:05pm our time and will end when the sun sets. The Department of Physics and Astronomy will have telescopes set up for safe solar viewing beginning at 2:30pm on the fourth floor patio, by the Aboriginal Gathering Place, at the New Westminster Campus.

This will not happen again until the year 2117, so keep your fingers crossed for clear skies. If not, you will be able to watch the event live via webcast from Mauna Kei, Hawaii, in the Physics Lab, room 3720.

For more info, email Jennifer Kirkey, Physics instructor, or call her at 604 527 5232.