Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fee changes for Fall 2012 Semester: 4 things you need to know

[This post was updated on August 13, 2012]

For the Fall 2012 Semester, there are 4 things you need to know about fee deadlines, refunds and payments.

1. Credit cards are NOT accepted for:
  • Tuition (does not apply to Continuing Education, Training Group courses and international student tuition fees) 
  • Douglas College Health and Dental Plan (part of the tuition fee bundle for the Fall Semester) 
  • Registration and service fee 
  • Douglas Students’ Union fees 
  • U-Pass BC 
You can pay via Interac (in-person or online), cash, cheque or online banking.

*To learn why Douglas College has joined other post-secondary institutions in no longer accepting credit cards payments, see the FAQ below.

2. The fee payment deadline is August 20, 2012. All fees are due by that date to avoid deregistration from all courses and removal from all wait lists. Fees for courses added after that deadline are due Sept. 18, 2012.

3. If you drop credits after September 4, you’ll get a 50 percent refund. During late registration, from September 4 to 16, you can add and drop courses without penalty, as long as your total credits remains the same or increases. But if you drop more than you add, the dropped credits are refunded at 50 percent per tuition credit. 

4. As of Sept. 19, 2012, late payment penalties apply. For courses added from August 23 to September 16, fees are due by September 18. After that, late payment fees are $25 per course for the first month, and then $100 per course every month thereafter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Douglas College no longer accept credit card payments?

Credit card payments are convenient. However, Douglas College was paying a significant amount of money in transaction fees to the credit card companies. Like most other public post-secondary institutions in B.C., Douglas College decided that money going to credit card companies is better spent in supporting programs and services to students. For that reason, Douglas no longer accepts credit card payments for domestic tuition and related registration fees.

When did the change take effect?

June 13, 2012 was the last day the College accepted payment by credit card for domestic tuition and related fees.

Which fees can no longer be paid by credit card?

Domestic tuition and related fees, such as the registration and service fee, student union fees, including the medical/dental fee, and the fee for U-Pass BC.

What can I pay for with my credit card?

You can still use a credit card to pay for:

  • bookstore purchases
  • application fees
  • transcript fees
  • tuition for international, Continuing Education and Training Group students
  • and others found in the Registration Guide

What are the payment options for domestic tuition?

You can pay via Interac (in-person or online), online banking, cash or cheque.

I am an international student. How can I pay my tuition?

International students can still pay by credit card. The College decided to keep this payment option for international students for two reasons. One is that international students may not have the same banking options as domestic students. And the other is that international student tuition fees are higher and cover all costs of the College including credit card fees.

I use my credit card as back-up until my student loan funding comes through. What can I do?

If you have been approved for student loan funding, you may complete a fee deferral application to postpone payment of your tuition until the end of the first month of classes. For more information on fee deferrals, see the Registration Guide.

Applications for student loans take approximately 6 weeks processing time. You must be approved for funding before you can request a fee deferral. Apply early.

I apply for funding through the Adult Basic Education Student Assistance Program (ABESAP) each semester. I normally pay by credit card and get refunded when my ABESAP application is approved. What can I do?

Apply early for your funding – at least one week prior to the fee payment deadline. If your application is approved before fees are due, the financial aid office will pay for your eligible courses by the payment deadline.

Why doesn’t the College negotiate a better deal with the credit card companies instead of eliminating the use of credit cards to pay tuition?

Good thought. The College negotiated with our payment processors to obtain the lowest possible merchant fee rate, but that still added up to a lot of money!

Can Douglas College pass on the cost of the use of credits cards as a surcharge?

Public post-secondary institutions, like Douglas College, do not have the legal right to pass on fees to students by raising the cost of tuition to match the credit card fee.

I have a daily limit on my debit card. What are my options?

Please contact your bank regarding options to increase your daily limit or set yourself up via online banking.

I don’t feel comfortable paying my fees online. How else can I pay?

There are many options, including in-person and by mail. See Locations and methods of payment.

Can I still pay for my books with a credit card?

Yes, the Douglas College bookstore still accepts credit cards.

For more detailed tuition and fees information, visit the Tuition fees page on Douglas College’s registration guide.

If you have questions, please contact Finance by visiting the Cash Booth in the concourse of the New Westminster Campus or by calling 604 527 5346.