Thursday, April 19, 2012

Students honoured with Co-curricular Engagement Awards

By Toby Reeve

Two weeks ago, students, staff and faculty of Douglas College put on their best clothes, shined their shoes and entered the Executive Plaza Hotel in Coquitlam to attend the inaugural Student Co-curricular Engagement Awards.

The awards, presented by Doug Life, honours students who have made outstanding contributions through leadership, volunteerism and involvement with the college, its clubs and the greater community.

Award winners included Nicole Leyland, Student Leader of the Year; Lacy Morin-Desjarlais, Community Builder; and the Hip Hop Dance Club, Club of the Year. “I’m really honoured that I got picked out of the amazing nominees,” Leyland said.

The night featured speeches by President Scott McAlpine and Vice President of Educational Services, Blaine Jensen. The seemingly impromptu speech by Jensen was touching. He spoke about the growth in student leadership at the college over the last few years. “This is a dream come true,” he said.

The theme of the night was “the ripple effect.” Kyle Baillie, Director of the Center for Campus Life, spoke to the crowd about the single, simple acts that create ripples that spread outward and effect change.

“We are here to celebrate those who have thrown pebbles, and sometimes boulders, into what previously had been still waters,” he said.

Midway through the night, the audience was treated to a soulful performance by a crew from the Hip Hop Dance Club.

The event was organized largely by the Doug Life student marketing team. One student, Monique Paulino, spoke afterword about the impact the event had on her. “It really showed me how important it is to get involved outside of the classroom,” she said.

About 80 people attended the awards show and dinner.