Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Douglas students speak out during dinner with the President

Douglas President Scott McAlpine was all ears for about 40 students who attended "Dinner with the President" events, held at Coquitlam and New West campuses recently.

Over lasagna and caesar salad, students told the President what they love about their college experience, and what they would change.

The President heard loud and clear that students expect:

  • to feel engaged in their learning and in creating their own learner pathway—they want to be part of a community
  • high quality teaching and a high quality classroom experience—they're getting that, for the most part, but when they don't, they notice
  • better communication from the College, so they're more aware of all the opportunities available to them
  • flexibility in delivery of programs and services to make it easier to go to school while dealing with other responsibilities, such as work and family
Students reinforced those ideas with plenty of specific suggestions.

They asked for more experiential learning, and more research opportunities, to help them transition into a job or to graduate studies.

And while they're focused on getting an education, they said campus life is important too. Students want to join in fun, social activities along the way, and get to know more of their fellow students. They'd like to feel more school spirit (how about a lip dub?) and feel more engaged academically, intellectually and politically.

And that's still only a sample of the students' feedback, which touched on social spaces, wi-fi access, clubs, and much more. 

For a complete summary, along with the President's personal reflections on what he heard, visit the President's blog.

And the President is still listening, so if you'd like to share your experience of Douglas College, you are encouraged to leave a comment on his blog.