Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Douglas College and SFU offer dual-degree program

Are you torn between starting your degree at a college or at a university? Good news! Douglas College and Simon Fraser University offer you the chance to get a bachelor of art or science degree from SFU – while taking classes at both institutions.

Flexibility and freedom 

 The SFU-Douglas Degree Program is a great option if you are a transfer student working toward a degree in arts and social sciences, or science or the environment, as long as you meet the university writing, quantitative and CGPA admission requirement, says Mary Whorley, an Academic Advisor at Douglas College.

“The program gives you the flexibility and freedom to select courses from either institution and to study whenever and however you choose,” Mary says. “And once you’ve been admitted, you don’t have to worry if the admission CGPA increases, as you will already be an SFU student.”

The benefits 

With the SFU-Douglas program, you’ll get the best of both worlds: the unique benefits of studying in both a smaller college environment and in a larger university setting. Here are a few of the pluses:
  • Flexibility: study at both institutions with full support from both 
  • Convenience: Douglas and SFU will track your progress, so you can concentrate on your studies 
  • Support: Academic Advisors make sure you receive the best information possible about your degree requirements and course options 
  • More services: including medical/dental coverage and student housing, if you are registered in a sufficient number of SFU courses per year 
Areas of study 

With the SFU-Douglas program, you can get your degree in the following areas:
  • Arts and social sciences 
  • Science 
  • Environment 
The deadline to apply for the Fall Semester is April 30. For more information, visit the SFU-Douglas Degree Program web page or contact Mary Whorley, 604 527 5144 (domestic students) or Gail Johnson, 604 527 5412 (international students).