Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Graduation 2012: Nicole Northcott, Medical Office Assistant Certificate

Nicole Northcott, MOA graduate and valedictorian
Childhood dream
"I always wanted to be someone who people could rely on and approach for any kind of help, so I was always hoping to find a job with these criteria in mind. I quickly learned during my practicum that a career as an MOA will surely fulfill this aspiration."

My mom is chuffed
"Going to Douglas fulfilled my dream of finding the right career for me, but it also fulfilled my mother’s dream of seeing her daughter graduate from college. She always encouraged me to go beyond a high school education to get the job I’ve always wanted, and so far I am very glad to have taken her advice!"

If I could talk to my 17-year-old self

"I'd say, do not think of the future as a cookie-cutter sort of idea - things in this world tend to happen that can change the course of any plan that has been made. However, as long as the effort and a positive attitude is always applied, things will always work out the way they should in the end."

Career goals
"My biggest goal as an MOA is to find a doctor who I can work for and stay loyal to for many years. I want to be the type of MOA who is looked up to every day for her hard work and vast knowledge of the clinic/hospital she works in. The office manager at my practicum was like this, and it was inspiring to see how much the doctors sought her advice to get things done. As stated in my childhood dream, I want to be that person in the workplace who is always seen as someone who can be relied on."

Feel-good satisfaction
"Having a job where you are making a difference in people's daily lives is important to me because of the rewarding feeling you get from making others happy. Every job will provide you finances, but not every job gives you that feel-good satisfaction at the end of the day when you know people went home feeling more content with themselves due to you helping them."

A word to new students
"Take everything in stride and organize your time wisely. Also, surround yourself with a good support system of family, friends and school colleagues that can motivate you along the way."