Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Graduation 2012: Hassan Askari, Bachelor of Physical Education and Coaching

Hassan Askari, BPEC graduate and valedictorian
Co-owner, Global Tennis Academy (Coquitlam); professional tennis coach
“We want to expand our services to provide quality educational tennis and recreational services to communities in other parts of the Lower Mainland, B.C. and in other provinces. And one day, we hope, in different countries.”

Childhood dreams

"I had quite a few. One, to be a professional tennis player like Pete Sampras; two, to be a social worker - I have always been concerned with helping others and contributing to the well-being of  society and my community. Three, to be a musician."

My greatest inspiration 
"Mohammad Mirhosseini, an outstanding entrepreneur and leader, and my former employer, has been not only like a father to me, but also the most influential person in my life in these past years. His work ethic, caring manner, devotion to creating lifelong opportunities and happiness for others, and desire to serve people are just a a few of his characteristics that keep me wondering what it takes for one individual to walk the same path that great personalities like Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King walked."

My experience at Douglas, in 25 words or less
"I feel blessed, inspired, fulfilled, content, developed, matured, skilled, intellectual, well-rounded, helped, supported, nourished, loved, cared for, considered and treated with equality and integrity."

Next up
"In the near future I'll be starting a master's program in philosophy at SFU."

Coming soon
"I am working on launching a humanitarian/environmental project called Re-Connect, which will create awareness about environmental, economic, social and political issues. The goal is to introduce alternatives and choices that can lead to positive lifestyle changes at the personal, local and eventually global level, which in turn will help preserve the environment and reduce pollution, poverty and war."

A word of advice
"In order to be a successful student and make the most out of every minute you spend at school, your heart and mind must be in the classroom. I suggest new students continuously and adequately search before committing to any degree. You'll be more likely to find a program that you find significant to your dreams, desires and future."

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