Thursday, January 19, 2012

Former students give Douglas the thumbs up

photo: Aidan Jones, Flickr
By Bob Cowin, Director of Institutional Research and Planning

Each spring, Douglas College joins all other B.C. colleges in surveying former students a year or so after they leave their institution to find out what they’re doing now – work and/or further study – and what they thought of their college experience. These are students who completed the equivalent of at least a semester’s full-time study in courses beyond the ESL or DVST level.

The survey is important. We care about what you think, and we use the information collected to make all kinds of decisions, big and small, from small changes to program curricula, to larger changes in the way services are delivered.

So if you receive an email or phone call saying, “Douglas College, BC Statistics, and the Ministry of Advanced Education would like your help,” it’s likely about this survey … and we really do want your feedback.

In the past, Douglas’s former students have given positive feedback about the College. Thirty-nine percent of former students say they are “very” satisfied with their experience at Douglas College. With another 54 percent saying they are “satisfied,” Douglas’s overall satisfaction rating is 93 percent.

- 79 percent completely or mostly met their main reason for enrolling
- 81 percent said the quality of instruction they received was good or very good
- 57 percent gave taken further studies (of which 34 percent went to SFU)
- 82 percent of those employed are in a permanent job

Just so that we don’t all get swollen heads, it’s only fair to point out that Douglas is part of a very high quality post-secondary education system, with a transfer system that is as good as anywhere in the world. The system has its glitches, which the survey helps us fix, but every public post-secondary institution in B.C. receives positive feedback from its former students.

Douglas instructors receive feedback from their own students, and the combined provincial results help government set post-secondary policy.

This year’s surveying will begin in February and run for several months.

If you want to have a look at the survey results, see the provincial highlights newsletter.

If you’re interested in results from broad program areas at particular institutions, then go here.