Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Douglas College's Top 10 study tips

Exams are just around the corner ... are you ready for the crunch? To help you prepare, doug asked the good folks at the Douglas College Learning Centre to share their wisdom on the best ways to study. In no particular order, here are the Learning Centre's Top 10 study tips:

1. Do a practice exam. Try and predict the questions you will be asked, and answer them.

2. When you begin studying, highlight everything you already know. You'll be encouraged at seeing how much you've already accomplished.

3. Don’t stay up too late to study. It’s OK to pull an all-nighter for a paper, but with a test, you need the energy the next day to actually take the test.

4. Study the easy stuff first. That way you don’t waste all of your study time on one difficult concept and run out of time for the rest.

5. Make your study time fun, short and interactive. Use flashcards with pictures, colours and highlighters.

6. Turn off the Internet. Facebook will still be there when your study session's over.

7. Look over your in-class notes to see what information the instructor spent time on and what might be more important to study.

8. Snack smart: eating foods such as bananas and nuts while studying can actually help you retain information.

9. Drink water before your exam. Research has shown that downing the wet stuff before a test can improve your performance by up to a third.

10. Visit the Learning Centre to work with a one-on-one peer tutor. It's free! Look for details on the centre's website, Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Care to share your own best study habits? Leave a comment!