Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Douglas College student paper unveils new look and feel

Thirty-five years after the first edition hit the stands, The Other Press, the Douglas College student newspaper, is getting a makeover. The first issue of the reinvigorated OP comes out today around noon.

The new and improved OP features an eye-catching, easier to read layout, with more colour, more pages and better graphics. Online, The Other Press has re-established itself on Twitter and Facebook. A website overhaul is planned for the Winter Semester.

The intention of the redesign is to redefine the OP's presence at the College, says Cody Klyne, Editor-in-Chief. “We've been around for longer than a lot of students have been alive," Cody says. "This isn't just a case of us rocking the boat - we're taking the boat out of the water, slapping some wheels and a pair of wings on it and saying to the students of Douglas, come along for the ride."

Interested in networking with aspiring writers, creating a portfolio, gaining experience in journalism and getting published? New (paid) opportunities at the OP include roles in PR, web management, illustration, photography, and advertising, as well as opportunities for staff writers. Email your enquiries to Cody Klyne or attend a meeting Mondays, 6pm, Room 1020, New West Campus.

Meantime, look for the freshly pressed The Other Press around campus today!