Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rock Paper Scissors tournament a hit at Douglas College

Travis Chaskavitch wins the first-ever Rock Paper Scissors tournament.
Close to 200 students took to the gym yesterday to test their Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) skills in the first ever RPS tournament at Douglas. The competition was fierce, and after a few rounds of elimination the crowd got rowdy as spectators began to hedge their bets and pick their favourites to win.

In the end it was Sport Science student Travis Chaskavitch who emerged victorious with four Canucks tickets and bragging rights - till the next tournament.

The Rock Paper Scissors tournament is the first of a number of high-energy events created for students this year. Stay tuned for more - and get involved - at

And don't forget to check out the pics from the RPS tourney on Flickr!

Update! The Royal City Record picks up the story of Travis and the tourney!