Monday, September 19, 2011

How green is Douglas College?

You’ve seen the blue boxes for recycling paper around campus, and you’ve probably noticed the green “Leaving? Turn off the lights!” stickers on the light switches in classrooms, labs and offices. But do you know how green your college really is?

In 2007 the provincial government passed the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets Act, which legally required all public-sector organizations – including colleges and universities – to be carbon neutral by 2010. Achieving carbon neutrality means calculating total emissions output, then reducing emissions wherever possible and balancing remaining emissions by purchasing carbon offsets.

Long before the call came from the government, Douglas College was putting initiatives in place to make it a kinder, greener place. And we are continuing in our efforts – and going beyond what is required by the government – to make Douglas as sustainable as it can be.

Over the next several weeks we’ll be publishing blog posts about the specific green initiatives Douglas has undertaken, future goals, and what they mean to you, the community and the environment. Plus we’ll be offering you tips on how you can step more lightly on the planet.

Look for our first post, on the College’s green roof system, next week!