Monday, September 12, 2011

Come celebrate the New West concourse + the internationalization of Douglas College!

Looking for a reason to celebrate this month? Then join us for two stellar events Thursday, Sept. 22 in the New West Campus concourse with music, cake and more!

On this day Douglas will receive the first-ever Internationalization Excellence award from the Association of Canadian Community Colleges. This day also marks the grand opening of the New Westminster concourse, which underwent major renovations over the summer.

The ACCC award is given to a college or institute that has shown leadership in internationalizing its entire institution for the benefit of its learners and community.

“The ACCC award means we were awarded top marks by our peers,” says Scott McAlpine, President of Douglas College. We’re the top college in Canada for internationalization. It has to do not only with the number of international students we have, but with the depth of internationalization across the institution.”

The concourse, meanwhile, underwent a huge makeover, with the addition of a student lounge, stage, new flooring, comfy chairs and work stations, planters, HD TV screens and more. McAlpine says the grand opening of the concourse signifies change for the College.

“It’s an update of the College and also marks the start of the next 40 years, with some physical changes to the institution to make it more student friendly. It’s a signifier of change and it’s about student engagement.”

McAlpine invites everyone to come to the event and show support for internationalization and for the growth and development of the College itself. “Let’s celebrate the progress we’re making as an institution while learning a bit more about internationalization. It’s going to be a good time – so have fun, learn, mingle and enjoy yourself.”

The event is happening Sept. 22, 3:30-5pm in the New Westminster concourse. Enjoy musical entertainment, cake and other refreshments.