Monday, July 4, 2011

Grouse Grind survival tips

 The Grinding for Uganda fundraiser is less than two weeks away! To help you prepare, check out these handy tips from CFCS instructors Diana Stewart and Lawrence Becker.

1. The hike is short in distance but steep. If you have not done it before, best to practice at least once before July 17 to get a feel for things.

2. Wear shorts, a synthetic shirt, and running shoes/light hikers. Sweatpants, jeans, and a heavy jacket or fleece are not recommended as gear at any time of the year as staying warm during the hike is never a problem (even if it is raining).

3. Carry water and a change of clothes for afterwards. Again, best to travel light with a fanny pack for these items rather than a full backpack.

4. Cost for the Gondola ride down the mountain is $10.

5. This event is not intended as a race. If you feel tired, simply stop and take a break. The Grind is well traveled and getting lost or abandoned will not be an issue.  Best to pace yourself rather than push things too hard and run out of energy entirely.

Remember, all pledges can be made online! Go to the Donate NOW button on the Douglas College Foundation site. All donations of $25 or more are tax deductible.

Thank you for your support!  For further information, please contact Diana Stewart or Lawrence Becker.