Friday, June 3, 2011

Douglas College Valedictorian pushed through fear of failure

Lindsay Terry, Dispensing Optician Program, Class of 2011 and Valedictorian
By Tamara Letkeman, doug Editor

Lindsay Terry says fear of failure is something she's had to transcend in her career as a student. "I’m someone who likes to do the things I excel at, and want to avoid all the rest," says Lindsay. "This just isn’t rational, and I needed to remind myself that I’m a smart, capable individual who is limited only by own doubts."

Her mantra worked. Lindsay graduates as Valedictorian this week with a Diploma in Advanced Opticianry, Contant Lenses, and Refraction Technologies.

She's already finished her practicum at Spectrum Optometry in South Surrey and has been hired on their full-time contact lens fitter. "The office is very committed to health care and strives to make the patient experience one to remember. Beginning my career in a place of this calibre feels like another goal accomplished."

As Lindsay exits college life for the real world, her advice to students entering the Dispensing Optician Program is: Be prepared for online study. "There is a lot of practical, hands on experience and in-class lectures, but also a lot of required online work to be done. Especially in the second year of the program, it is important to have the self discipline to work independently via the web-based programming. Of course, our instructors are there to guide and help us.

"Don’t be afraid to ask for help!"