Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Douglas College Valedictorian encourages peers to have faith in themselves

Azzaria Bramer, Youth Justice,
Class of 2011 and Valedictorian
By Tamara Letkeman, doug Editor

Like many kids, Azzaria Bramer fantasized about becoming a musician or a movie star. But by the time she was 12, she knew she wanted to help people stand up for themselves. This led to her wanting to become a criminal defense lawyer.

She's not far off. Azzaria graduates as Valedictorian this week with a Diploma in Youth Justice. "Being in the program is like being a lawyer," she says, "in that we advocate for our clients."

But she's not done yet. Azzaria is returning to Douglas in the Fall, to either get a degree in Child and Youth Care or Criminology. "I think both could give me amazing opportunities."

The road to becoming Valedictorian didn't always offer an easy ride. Azzaria relates how in her first semester she came out of an exam crying because it hadn't gone as well as she'd hoped. "I became completely overwhelmed, and had to get past my fear in taking exams. I knew that I had to calm myself and learn that there are far worse things that could happen."

Now a couple of years older and wiser, Azzaria has some sage advice for new students.
"Be open to learning and growing. If you do this, you will learn so much and become a better person and worker in the field. You have to have faith in yourself, because it will enable you to get through anything that comes your way."